What is Our Wedding Chapter ? Where are they based ?

We are a team of Photographers and Filmers based in Delhi and Hyderabad. Kindly visit the About Us section for details.FAQ

What are the services provided by Our Wedding Chapter ?

You can find a list of our services under our Services menu.

What are the Packages you offer ?

We have a collection of Premium and Customized packages as per your requirements. We request you to get in touch with us and share the details via our questionnaire so we can quote you the exact amount.

Why do the packages costs this much ?

Our Packages are editable and upgradable. Hence, they are flexible according to your requirements. As far as the pricing is concerned.. please note that we are a team of professional, trained and experienced photographers. There is a cost that goes into our equipment.. purchase and maintenance along with upgrading them from time to time which costs 10 times than what we quote. However what you get and your special day which is a 1 TIME EVENT is priceless and it is not something you would want to bet on. We understand you may have a budget but rather get limited services with top quality than getting more for no future value.

Do you carry backup equipment ?

Yes, we do.

Is there any flexibility in the payment plan ?

We’re afraid there is not. Our payment plans are very strict so is the way we work.

I am getting better offers from other Photographers, Can you give me a better deal ?

Comparing us with others might not justify our work all together. At the end of the day its your event, risking it for cheap is your decision all together. You may get a low price but it comes with a cost that has to be incurred at your end. This is a once in a lifetime event and it cannot be undone.

What kind of equipment do you use ? Do you use a Mark 3 ?

Using an Equipment does not defines a photographer and only limits his vision and capability. As far as the rumor about Mark 3 is concerned a Camera is empty without a appropriate lens suitable for a certain situation. There are better Camera Bodies out there with better Megapixels, ISO performance and Video capabilities, hence hiring just for the equipment name is another misguided opinion you may fall into.

But how can I risk my event without not knowing what is being promised ?

We use Full Frame Camera series for Photography and Shooting Film ( this includes the Mark series ), along with drones, gliders, Flashes, LEDs, Lighting setup, steady cams, gimbals, jibs and more depending on the requirement and budget. You will be given all the details you require once we interact.

How do I get in touch ? What details do you need from me ?

As far details are concerned we need the Following elements to create a package.

  1. Date(s)
  2. Type Of Event(s)
  3. Location and Venue
  4. Indoor / Outdoor
  5. Services Required
  6. Timings
  7. No. of Guests
  8. Budget range
  9. Special Mentions / Message

Also, you can fill our Get a Quote form with the details and we will get in touch.